Results of ‘Implementation of Cultural and Environmental Sites into the World Tourist Routes’ conference

14 November 2019

On November 13, tourism industry representatives from Russia, Germany, Greece, India, Bulgaria, Finland and China attended the event. St. Petersburg was represented by the Chairman of St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development Mr Evgeny Pankevich.


Mr Sergey Korneev, Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism, delivered a welcoming speech, noted the importance of introducing the e-visa regime in St. Petersburg and spoke about the value of Russian tourist routes promotion in foreign countries.

One of the key events of the conference was the official presentation of St. Petersburg meta-brand. "The meta-brand contains detailed instructions for communication with different types of tourists. St. Petersburg is a city of ideas and concepts," said Mr Andrey Barannikov, CEO at SPN Communications.

The slogan of St. Petersburg meta-brand is "Create the Great". This is the motto of personalities that embody St. Petersburg and inspire the whole world.

  • Dr Florian Stache, Associate Professor at Freie Universitat Berlin (Germany) and European Group of Organizational Studies representative, spoke about the connections between St. Petersburg and Berlin. According to him, the walls limiting the tourism development between countries are falling. "E-visas have become a meaningful event for St. Petersburg tourism industry. Over the next years, many things will change. Undoubtedly, more tourists will visit the city on the Neva."
  • The development of religious tourism and pilgrimage routes was described by the Deputy Director of the Greek National Tourism Organization in Russia Mr George Mavromatis: "Pilgrimage is gradually becoming one of the types of alternative tourism. The combination of pilgrimage tourism with other types of alternative tourism such as cultural and educational significantly increases the demand for such vacations."
  • Head of Visit Petersburg office in India, Mr Prashat Chaundary, spoke about the experience of India in innovations in creating unique tourism product: "Tourists from India frequently visit Russia and St. Petersburg. Last year this number reached more than 100 thousand Indians. Visit Petersburg has tourist offices in New Delhi and Mumbai. The India Friendly programme helps strengthen relationships."

The conference programme also included sections where the following issues were discussed:

  • Development and Promotion of New Routes and Interregional Projects in Tourism
  • Development of Information Technology in Tourist Routes and Interregional Projects Promotion
  • Emergence and Development of New Types of Tourism

The key tools and solutions that help to build a modern, demanded and memorable territory brand was discussed during one of the sections. Participants brought attention to one of the recent tendencies of tourism destinations promotion, such as organized tours for travel bloggers, and they also highlighted modern platforms involved in territory brand promotion.

The emergence and development of new types of tourism in St. Petersburg was described by Mr Andrey Matsarin, Chief Executive at St. Petersburg Convention Bureau. The gastronomic tourism development is supported by St. Petersburg Restaurant Festival, traditionally held in spring and autumn. A Medical Tourism Agency was created to strengthen medical tourism that interacts with 30 city clinics. "The e-visa introduction will significantly increase the tourist flow to St. Petersburg in the following years. It will influence the further development of various types of tourism in the city," he concluded.

Let us remind that VIII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum is held from November 14 to 16. The main topic of the event is "Cultural Codes in Globalizing World".