‘The Most Beautiful Horses in the World’ in Manege

05 December 2019

Andrei Lyublinsky is the author of the installation.

According to the official website of the Manege, the installation ‘The Most Beautiful Horses in the World’ by artist Andrei Lublinsky opened on the square near the western facade of the Central Exhibition Hall Manege.

‘The artist features a modern-day interpretation of the Dioscuri which stand at the facade of the exhibition hall. A minimalist style – akin to a pictogram – pervades the depiction of the equine statues, while the striking colour scheme contrasts with the artwork’s classical surroundings. Nevertheless, there remains a clear degree of conventionality – the proportions of the horses are preserved, and the size of the pieces allow them to organically blend into space’, the release says.

You can have a look at the art object throughout the winter. It will last until February 29.