The best restaurants of St. Petersburg announced

11 December 2019

For the fourth time, experts and professionals of the gastronomic sphere announced TOP 100 restaurants of St. Petersburg: the main guidance for 2020.

About 200 experts: restaurateurs, chefs, marketers, gastronomic observers, bloggers, and all those who love and go to restaurants in St. Petersburg, were invited to participate in the voting and filling out personal surveys.

The experience of partners from Finland, Viisi Tagtea, was used for the restaurant assessment methodology. For over 10 years, Viisi Tahtea has been holding the TOP 50 Finnish Restaurants Award. It is also an expert for prestigious rankings such as White Guide Nordic and The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Information partners of the award: Antenna Daily, Visit Petersburg, and presented special nominations

TOP 10 restaurants of St. Petersburg:

  1. Bourgeois Bohemians (The restaurant is the best in 2019 for the second time in a row)
  2. Birch
  3. Harvest
  4. Blok
  5. Banshiki (also received a special nomination for Best Russian Restaurant)
  6. Petrov-Vodkin (also received a special nomination for Best New Russian Restaurant)
  7. Kokoko
  8. Duo Asia
  9. The Sizzle
  10. Commons

Special nominations:

  • Bolshoybar — best bar
  • Kuznyacafe — best new concept of the old place
  • Василеостровский рынок —best new concept
  • Bushe — best cafe
  • Vino & Voda — best restaurant at the hotel
  • Symposium — choice of Antenna Daily
  • 🏆Bao Mochi — Visit Petersburg user recognition
  • Hachpuri and wine — user choice of
  • Banshiki — for the gastronomic contribution to the development of the restaurant culture of St. Petersburg. Award from