Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Freak Show

20 December 2019

Legendary fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier will personally open the Russian tour of his FASHION FREAK SHOw in Saint-Petersburg on January 31.
Especially for the Russian tour, the show will feature costumes from the cult 19986 Russian collection. 

Jean-Paul Gaultier is coming to Saint-Petersburg. Legendary fashion designer, the creator of conical corsets, male skirts and tin can perfume cases, - l’enfant terrible of haute couture will personally present his epatage theatrical project Fashion Freak Show to the Russian audience. The tour will go on from January 31 to February 2 in Saint-Petersburg at Big Concert Hall “Oktyabr’skiy” and from February 6 in Moscow at MDM (Moskovskiy Dvorets Molodyozhi). The world premiere of this amazing mix of a fashion show and a dance review – and also a kind of the artist’s confession, - was first staged in 2018 at the famous cabaret Folies-Bergere in Paris and became a breaking event not only in Parisian theatre life but in the world fashion in general. The show features more than two hundred costumes. Some of them were designed especially for the show, others come from “the best of Gaultier” selection. Especially for Russia, the designer included into the show several costumes from the famous 1986 “Russian” collection “Constructivist”  which is, according to the artist himself, one of the boldest, most recognizable and his favourite collections. After the opening of the Russian tour in Saint-Petersburg, Jean-Paul Gaultier and the show company will go to Moscow.

Epatage “Fashion Freak Show” by legendary Jean-Paul Gaultier for the first time in Russia

Saint Petersburg, January 31 – February 2, 2020, Big Concert Hall “Oktyabrskiy”

Moscow, February 6, 2020, MDM

Conicalcorsets and male skirts, video clips for Madonna and Mylene Farmer, films by Pedro Almodovar and Peter Greenaway, destroying stereotypes and breaking borders – all this comes together under one iconic name – Jean Paul Gaultier. Eccentric, scandalous, provocative and witty, L'Enfant terrible of haute couture, he comes to Russia with his Fashion Freak Show. Its premiere was in September 2018 at cabaret Folies Bergere and became unprecedented for fashion podiums in Paris. This amazing mix of a dance revue and a fashion show, played to the punk and disco music, with actors, dancers and circus acrobats is a kind of confession of Jean Paul Gaultier. The couturier created dozens of costumes specially for it.

The fashion designer tenderly calls “freaks” the people who realized their difference from others and accepted it. “All my dear freaks have been with me since my first steps in the world of fashion.   I let go to the podium the tall and the short, the slim and the fat, the young and not very young. – tells Jean Paul Gaultier. – I always preferred women with a stereotypic character to good girls, I always loved freaks, provocateurs, the mix of various aesthetics, unexpected revelations. And I let all this transgressive energy come out. This show is a story of my life, the story of things I lived through, the things I saw and loved. And also the stories that I have never told before”.

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s childhood and his career in fashion design, his collaboration with singers Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Mylene Farmer, film directors Pedro Almodovar and Luc Besson, choreographer Angelin Preljocaj, - all these unusual phenomena of modern reality, such as plastic surgery and its results as well as social networks – all this was used for the show. Jean-Paul Gaultier invites the audience to live his life together with him. And it is going to be a gorgeous extravaganza full of passion, audacity, tenderness and humour.

The Fashion Freak Show team are the best of the best. Among them are the co-director Tony Marshall, the choreographer of Madonna Marion Motin, composer and producer Nile Rodgers, a multiple Grammy Award winner.  And certainly, Jean-Paul Gaultier himself – the creator of the idea, the scriptwriter, the producer, the artist, the costumes designer and at the same time the main character.

Tickets: from 1800 rubles
Age limit: 18+