Visit Petersburg tourist office opened in Palermo

03 February 2020

On January 30, a press conference was held in the city of Palermo (Sicily) on the opening of the Visit Petersburg tourist information office in Italy.

The press conference was attended by Nadezhda Petrova, Acting General Director of St. Petersburg City Tourism Information Bureau, Alfio La Ferla, President of Bts Tourism&Travel, Gaetano Armao, Vice President of Sicily Region, Yevgeny Panteleev, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Palermo, representatives of the mayor's office of Palermo, Trapani Airport, Italian tour operators and media.

Visit Petersburg office in Palermo is the thirteenth tourist representative office of the Northern capital of Russia in the world. Today Visit Petersburg has offices in Taipei, Hong Kong, Paris, Leipzig, Rimini, Mumbai, New Delhi, Dubai, Tehran, Tokyo, Barcelona and Yerevan.

The new office was opened as part of a cooperation agreement signed in November 2019 between St. Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau and Bts Tourism & Travel. The agreement involves the information and experience exchange in the field of urban marketing in tourism. Bts Tourism & Travel has representative offices in Rome and Milan, and is engaged in both internal and external tourism; it also sends tourist groups to different parts of the world, including St. Petersburg.