Top 10 Russian restaurants called by WHERETOEAT 2020

21 February 2020

Four from 10 best are restaurants from St. Petersburg.

On February 20, national restaurant award WHERETOEAT RUSSIA ceremony took place in Moscow. The rating of the best restaurants in the country was announced there.

According to the organizers, 500 experts were involved in the voting – chefs, sommeliers, restaurateurs, as well as heads of relevant ministries, hoteliers, wine merchants, winemakers and gastronomic journalists. In total, 861 restaurants entered the long list.


  1. Twins Garden, Moscow
  2. White Rabbit, Moscow
  3. Birch, St. Petersburg
  4. Harvest, St. Petersburg
  5. Gorynych, Moscow
  6. CoCoCo, St. Petersburg
  7. Bourgeois Bohemians, St. Petersburg
  8. Selfie, Moscow
  9. "Ugli-Ugli", Krasnodar