Hermitage will show work of restoration online

23 March 2020

Currently Hermitage is closed for visitors but museum continues to live and work, reports museums press-office.

Monday is a day-off for the museum. But behind the doors happen many interesting things. Restorers leave their workshops and work in museum’s halls, as well as copy-makers, expositions are being cleaned, maintenance is providing.

Press-office of the museum reports, that Mikhail Piotrovsky’s TV programme on Culture channel let people to see, how Hermitage works every day and what is going on without visitors. If you would like to watch what the museum does now, there is a special video «That’s how Hermitage works».

For those, who are interested to walk through empty museum’s halls, Hermitage suggests to watch recently filmed video «Hermitage. Filmed by iPhone». This video lasts 5 hours 20 minutes, during this time it’s possible to walk and watch 45 halls and about 600 masterpieces. Then you may take a look on the Flanders and Netherlands art from the other side and to learn much new about, for example, to distinguish and to type plants on paintings with the help of Ksenia Basilashvili and her TV programme «Custodian in Hermitage».

To finish virtual Monday in the museum is suggested with another programme of Mikhail Borisovich which is called «Tourists» and to get caught up in memories, how tourists set out in various directions of the museum.

New timetable of online-translation you may find here.