Parks and gardens in Saint Petersburg are closed for drying

25 March 2020

Committee for landscaping land improvement reports about it. Parks and gardens will be opened again on the 24th of April but specialists will act to the present situation.

At the moment due to a climate specific of Saint Petersburg, technological rules suppose drying of ground and cheet paths on the green public territories (gardens, parks, boulevards) from 25th of March till 1st of May.

Not all of gardens and parks are closed for drying but the most famous and most important.

This year for drying from 24th of March are already closed Taurida garden, Kasan square, Catherine’s square, Ovsyannikov garden, Galina Starovoitova square and San-Gally garden in central district.
At the same time are also closed Nikolsky garden, garden by Yusupov palace on Dekabristov street in Admiralteisky district, Lopukhin’s garden in Petrograd district, and public garden in Kolpino district.
It is expected to open these places on the 24th of April. But if the weather is good and paths will be already completely dry then they could be opened for public even earlier.

Paths and grounds of these parks and gardens are always under a precise attention of landscaping specialists and if they become ready and dry after a winter period, then these public places will be opened.