More than 7.3 million flowers will beautify St. Petersburg in 2020

27 March 2020

Over 16 thousand perennials will appear in the city this the summer. 

According to the Committee for Improvement of St. Petersburg, this year more than 7.3 million flowers will be planted in the city on Neva river. In a little while tulip bloom time will begin. There are 300 thousand tulips expected which were planted in October 2019. They will become a traditional decoration of St. Petersburg by the 9th of May. 

Next month, 602,000 biennial viola plants will be planted, and in May-June, 6.4 million annual flower plants. 

Also, this summer, the city will be additionally decorated with 16 thousand perennials. In the greenhouse of the Kalininsky garden farming seeds planted in winter have come already up. It is planned to grow more than 2 million flowers.