Gatchina Museum Reserve among ten most interesting historical museums

06 April 2020

In the context of the pandemic, many museums have opened online access to their exhibits, so everyone who is self-isolated can continue to freshen up their cultural background.

On World Historian's Day, celebrated on March 28, the Russian vacation rental service interviewed social networks users and revealed the most interesting historical museums in Russia.

According to tourists, The Khersones Tauride Museum-Reserve in Sevastopol is the most fascinating historical museum. Sevastopol Museum scored 24.29% of the vote.

Nine interesting historical museums in Russia:

1. Museum-Reserve "Tauric Chersonesos" in Sevastopol, 24.29%
2. The Armory in Moscow, 18.57%
3. The Museum-Reserve "Battle of Stalingrad" in Volgograd, 17.14%
4. The Gatchina Museum-Reserve in the Leningrad Region, 14.29%
5. Museum "Island-city Sviyazhsk" in Kazan, 8.57%
6-7. Museum to the heroes of the Battle of Kulikovo in the Tula region and the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve in Vladimir, 5.71%
8. Archaeological Museum of Gorgippia in Anapa, 4.29%
9. Friedland Gate in Kaliningrad, 1.43%