Victory Day in St. Petersburg

05 May 2016

Program of celebrating a great day of St. Petersburg's history

9.00-12.00; 17.00-23.00 – Burning of the torches on the Rostral columns

10.00 – Military parade on Palace square

11.00 – Celebration concert program «Victory spring» in Kirov central park (Elagin island, 4)

13.00 – Celebration perfomances of  brass orcestra «Orchestra of victory» (Rumyantsev Garden, Shkiperskiy garden, Dekabristov garden, Spit of Vasilievsky island)

13.00 – Gala concert in Summer garden dedicated to 71st anniversary of Soviet victory in The Great patriotic war (1941-1945)

13.00 – Street festivities «May of victory» (Leisure center «Kirovetz», Stachek prospect, 158)

14.00 – Gala concert «Memory of generations» (Museum of The Defense and The Siege of Leningrad, Solyanoy pereulok, 9)

14.00 – Celebration event «Can not erase generation's memory» (Culture center «Suzdalskiy», Suzdalskiy prospect.,3/1)

14.30 – Veteran's ride in retro cars across Nevskiy prospect (from Vosstaniya square to Palace square)

15.00 – Russia's patriotic project «Immortal regiment» participants march across Nevskiy prospect (from Alexander Nevsky square to Palace square)

15.30 – «Orchestra of victory» – perfomance of brass orcestra and chorus (Rumyantsev Garden)

18.00 – Celebration event on Palace square

19.00 – Gala concert «Music of war and victory» (State Museum of The History of Saint-Petersburg, Peter and Paul fortress)

22.00 – Festive fireworks on Peter and Paul fortress