Lakhta Center was turned into a rocket in honor of Cosmonautics Day

13 April 2020

A spectacular video of the transformation appeared in the group of high-rise complex «VKontakte»

On Sunday, April 12, Russia celebrates Cosmonautics Day. In honor of this holiday, the famous St. Petersburg Lakhta Center tower was turned into a rocket.

«The video with the transformation was published in the group of a skyscraper on «VKontakte» social network. The frames show how the building is illuminated by «cosmic» lighting step by step. The video is accompanied by off-screen comments, which creates the feeling that we are talking about a real launch rocket.

«Lakhta Center congratulates all the brave and courageous, people for whom there are no obstacles in achieving goals, for whom space is a state of mind», - the text of the publication says.

«Even while we are all at home, space is near, friends!» – it was reminded in the group.