Online exhibition of St. Petersburg artists "COVID-19! GO away! ”

13 April 2020

From MAY 1 to June 1, the “Mansard of Artists” gallery will host the online exhibition of St. Petersburg artists “COVID-19! GO away! ”

On May 1, the People’s Gallery “Attic of Artists” launches the first online exhibition in our history dedicated to the global coronavirus pandemic and its impact on our lives.

Of course, this period in world history will remain in the memory of each of us, as one of the most stressful events of our century.

The purpose of the exhibition "COVID-19! GO away! ” - record this time also in the visual arts!

And yet, we, as a gallery that collaborates with a huge number of different artists, during this difficult time, set ourselves the task of helping them. Today, about 1000 authors work with us, most of which are self-employed people. And also a very large percentage of them are elderly people who are now at risk.

It is to them, who remained almost without support today, that we want to help through an exhibition that will be held online. Such a regime implies an opportunity for artists to take part in it, without leaving home. They don’t have to bring paintings to the gallery, all authors will be able to put pictures on their own on the gallery’s website without violating the self-isolation mode.

The gallery is obliged to collect as many paintings on the theme of the pandemic, made in various techniques, styles and directions. And from May 1, the online exhibition “COVID-19! GO! ”, Which will include all the collected work. Each of them will be available for viewing, ordering, payment online, delivery is also implied.