«Gastronomic map of Russia» project united its participants in a marathon during the pandemic period

14 April 2020

The Gastronomic Map of Russia federal project brought together restaurants, family bakeries, cafes and local food producers from 30 regions to conduct a marathon, showing how small-to-medium businesses change during the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic caused the closure of restaurants participating in the federal project «Gastronomic Map of Russia», but some of them created delivery services and online culinary courses.

In two weeks’ time, over 100 project participants transformed their business and organized delivery services. They cook dishes of various regional cuisines, as well as dishes developed as part of the project, and then deliver them to customers. Delivery men work in masks and gloves, adhering to all necessary precautions; the «contactless delivery» operates as well. All the preventive measures are observed during food manufacturing, cooking and packaging: the employees’ health is monitored daily, work surfaces in the kitchens and at the production sites undergo special sanitation.

Now among the project participants are the restaurants of five-star hotels, family bakeries, cafes and pastry shops, gastronomic souvenirs micro-producing units, local produce shops, major restaurant holdings, tourist centers, centers of ethno-cultural heritage of small indigenous peoples, culinary studios, cheese factories, wineries, large wine factories of federal significance and agrotourism complexes.

«Everyone is equal before COVID-19, and what you see now is not just a list of cafes and restaurants with the «delivery» service. It is a social face of our Russian hospitality industry from different regions. Do not be surprised by the presence of new participants in this list - chain restaurants of international cuisine or regional food delivery services. Our project, of course, is not the «Noah's Ark», but, nevertheless, we are now taking everyone «on board». It would be inappropriate of me to give you an attitude like «we will not take you, because you do not offer Russian cuisine». I honestly tell everyone that we’ll figure it out «in peacetime», - comments Ekaterina Shapovalova, methodologist and coordinator of the federal project «Gastronomic Map of Russia».

The list of the participants of the federal project «Gastronomic Map of Russia» during the marathon is being updated daily on the official websites and can be found HERE. The regional teams as well as new restaurant owners will cook regional specialties, the dishes from the project-adopted menu, and the world cuisine classics which are popular in delivery service now. 


In order to support the participants of the federal project «Gastronomic Map of Russia», the campaign to promote delivery service system and online cooking workshops from regional chief cooks has been started recently. This initiative gives support to restaurants, hotels, farms, agro touristic complexes and small enterprises, bakeries, wineries, local food store and others. Some of participants of the project are considered the places of interest in the sphere of gastro tourism. From the very start of the initiative, the list of participants is being updated regularly. What’s more, the database has been generated so that regional tour operators could create new tours taking into account all objects of gastro tourism.

It is to be recalled that on April 13 the Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Government of the Russian Federation to consider the possibility of providing assistance to online public catering delivery services and their further development. The support can be provided by partially subsidizing the delivery costs for SME’s during the spread of COVID-19.

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