Spring planting of trees and shrubs began In St. Petersburg

16 April 2020

Petersburg gardeners began spring plantings of green plants. By April 14, employees of landscape gardening planted 367 trees and almost 11.5 thousand shrubs on the streets and quays, in the city parks and gardens.

According to the Committee for Improvement of St. Petersburg almost 5,500 shrubs already decorate the Vyborgsky District and about  2,000 of  shiny cotoneaster bushes appeared on Nikolai Rubtsov Street alone. 150 rosehip bushes will bloom on Pirogovskaya Quay with the onset of warm weather. 200 bushes of barberry were planted on Prosvescheniya Avenue.

More than 2,300 shrubs were planted in the Frunzensky District. Most of all - in the nameless square on Malaya Balkanskaya Street, Dunaisky Avenue and in the Yablonevy Garden. 200 bushes of  Hungarian lilacs were planted in the park along the Ivanovka River from Veteranov Avenue to Avenue Narodnogo Opolcheniya  in the Krasnoselsky District. 270 pines and fir trees were planted in the Kronstadtsky and in the Kurortny Districts.

Replenishment in the Moskovsky Park Pobedy - now 44 seedlings of Siberian larch and weeping willow grow there. 35 lindens, ashtrees and Lombardy poplars will become green soon in the Neva Garden and in the Polustrovsky Park. These are just some of the addresses, gardeners continue to work.