The section of the Shlisselburg highway was included in the list of monuments

16 April 2020

The suggestion to give the territory at the mouth of the Izhora river a landmark status and include the preserved historical buildings in its protection was supported by the working group of the Council for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage under the Government of Saint Petersburg, since the preserved historical buildings and the cobblestone road are valuable as a whole historical environment.

The section of the Shlisselburg highway was included in the list of monuments. A special value is given to the road by the presence of historical cobblestone paving, says the Committee for state control, use and protection of historical and cultural monuments of St. Petersburg. In combination with the historical development of the village of Ust-Izhora and the Church of Alexander Nevsky, the Shlisselburg tract forms an authentic fragment of the provincial settlement landscape, which has preserved architectural and urban- planning features of the XVIII - early XX centuries.

During the examination of the draft order, there were concerns about the safety of the cobblestone pavement due to the fact that part of the former Shlisselburg highway is being taken under protection as a tourist attraction. In fact, for inclusion in the register, the most preserved section of the highway— where there is still not only cobblestones, but also front buildings-planning and houses built according to the project of the 1860s, was selected for the list.  Determining the boundaries of an object is the task of future historical and cultural expertise.

In any case, the remaining sections of cobblestone pavement from house 233 to house 325 on Shlisselburg highway are located in the protection zone and protected by the relevant requirements of the regime established by the law of Saint Petersburg No. 820-7. During highway repairs, the historic cobblestone paving must be preserved.


The Shlisselburg road was laid in the first half of the XVIII century as part of the post road from Saint Petersburg through Shlisselburg to Arkhangelsk. On the territory of Ust-Izhora the most well-preserved section of the historical highway is located, which has a large length of historical cobblestone paving. Along the road, many historical buildings and structures have been preserved, including the Federal cultural heritage sites "Church of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky" and "Obelisque in memory of the people's militia during the Russian-Swedish war in 1788-1790".