The Bolshoy St.Petersburg State Circus entered in the top three in Russia

17 April 2020

To World Circus Day, April 18, the Russian service of booking accommodation for leisure interviewed social media users and learned where the best circus in Russia is.

In Moscow the circuses on Tsvetnoy avenue and on prospect Vernadskogo are leading in the list of best in country.  They received each 39.66% votes. According to the survey the tourists also like to visit circuses in St.Petersburg (17.24%), Simferopol and Kazan (each 8.62%), Ekaterinburg and Sochi (each 6.9%), also in Ryazan (5.17%). The circuses are less interesting for tourists in Rostov-on-Don (3.45%), Voronezh and Khabarovsk (each 1.72%).

The nine cities with the best circuses:

1.Moscow, 39.66%
2.St.Petersburg, 17.24%
3-4. Simferopol and Kazan (each 8.62%)
5-6. Ekaterinburg and Sochi (each 6.9%)
7. Ryazan (5.17%)
8.Rostov-on-Don (3.45%),
9.Voronezh and Khabarovsk (each 1.72%)




* according to the survey of social media