Central Armed Forces Museum receives historical artifacts of the defense of Leningrad

20 April 2020

In preparation for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the military personnel of the general troops army of the Western Military District transferred to the funds of the Central Armed Forces Museum of the Russian Federation a military-historical exposition, created in cooperation with the search squads of the city of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

The exposition includes cartridges and shells to a DP-27 light machine gun (The Degtyaryov machine gun), anti-personnel grenade fragments, the 3-line rifle M1891 (Mosin–Nagant), the remains of the Soviet helmet SSh-40. The items are donated to the museum.

The exhibit is made in the form of a fragment of the terrain, with armaments placed on it. The objects were recovered during search operations in the battlefields of the 45th motorized rifle division at Sinyavinsky heights as well as during excavations conducted by military personnel and participants of search organizations in the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War.

Last year, due to the joint efforts of the military personnel of the integrated combined arms force of the Leningrad Region and representatives of the search squads more than 20 archaeological excavations in the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War were carried out, and about 80 graves of Soviet soldiers were properly tended to.





Photo: structure.mil.ru