Spring comes to Saint Petersburg - the city changes decorations for May Holidays 2020

23 April 2020

The plans are to plant over 6.000 trees and 80.000 bushes in the city during the springtime.

Undoubtedly, flower decorations will be the brightest and the most mesmerizing part of urban beautification. The design of flower gardens and their color schemes are upgraded and improved every year.  

Flower arrangement plans are worked out by making use of both historic materials of landscape gardening such as classic carpet bedding design and new coloristic solutions. Such innovative solutions of landscaping as geoplastics, inert materials, topiary art, vertical constructions and others are also often used with individual approach to every planting material.
Along with traditional planting of begonia, alyssum, marigold, golden sage, geranium, ageratum, aster, balsamine, lobelia and petunia the gardeners also use flowering kale, nicotiana, nemesia, zinnia, celosia, gazania, rudbeckia, rhodochiton, perilla, cleome, verbena, different kinds of coleus and others for floral arrangement.

Annually, viola flower is planted in the city to create early-spring floral decorations and the spring mood in the Northern capital, and as part of preparation for Spring Holidays 2020 (1st May – Day of Spring and Labour) and the Victory Day on May 9. This year the city will be ornamented with more than 602 thousand biennial plants in springtime. More than 60 flower beds will be arranged in every city district as part of decorations for 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The flowerbeds and floral decorations will be planted in Primorsky Victory Park, Internationalist Park, Square of Military Glory in Krasnoye Selo, Victory (Pobedy) Square in Zelenogorsk. The similar installations will beautify Smolny Garden, Alexandrovsky garden, Square on Generala Khazova Street (between buildings 26-34), part of the Peterburgskoe Shosse (highway) by the memorial "At the turn of the defense", and in other locations.

In order to produce effect of constant blossom, the spring decorations will be replaced with the summer floral arrangements.



Info/photo: Saint Petersburg Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture