The owls were released into the wilderness in St. Petersburg

23 April 2020

On the Earth Day, on April 22, the release of birds of prey into the wilderness was held on the territory of the state nature sanctuary of regional importance «Sestroretskoe boloto».

This area has been chosen for the release of owls, as it has reduced the anthropogenic load and it is possible to provide birds with protection. Before the release of the birds, a special enclosure was placed for it, where it is possible to get food.

According to ornithologists, the release of birds into the wilderness is an important event, which was aimed at protecting and restoring the population of rare and endangered animals species.

In this year, five long-eared owls were released. The birds were rehabilitated at the Veterinary Hospital «Zeleny Popugay».




Information resource and photo: Committee for Nature Use Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety