Alley of Chernobyl Liquidators will appear in St. Petersburg

28 April 2020

The alley is to be opened in the Sakharov Park in Piskarevka within a year.

The Alley of Chernobyl Liquidators will appear in 2021 on the territory of the Academician Sakharov Park in Piskarevka, commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The news is reported by the “Peterburgsky Dnevnik” newspaper.

“By creating the Alley of Chernobyl Liquidators, we want to preserve the memory of the feat of those who battled against the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster at the expense of their own health. People sacrificed themselves, doing their duty for the sake of all the people on earth, because this disaster affected millions of people around the world, one way or another. Of course, the alley will become a symbol of the fact that such accidents should not happen again”, - says Vasily Naida, the chairman of the St. Petersburg non-governmental organization “Chernobyl Union”.

As specified in the message of the publication, the Alley of Chernobyl Liquidators will become the dominant element of the Sakharov Park. It will connect two other memorials - a monument to the victims of radiation accidents and disasters and the Bell of Peace.