Saint Petersburg’s transport is ready for a 75th Victory Jubilee

08 May 2020

Right before celebrations of the 75th Victory Jubilee in the Great Patriotic war in Saint Petersburg is possible to meet special Theme-based public transport.

Busses, trams, trolleys are specially decorated with symbols of the victory, facts, photos and stories. They operate in different parts pf the city. Since 7th of May on the Line 2 in a Metro operates a special train, which is decorated inside with pictures, that are dedicated to veterans.

«These days it is very important to create a special atmosphere of celebrations, - remarks Chief of the Committee for transport Alexander Golovin». Moreover this Theme-based transport will operate during the year.

Up to the Victory Day transport companies prepared a special content to translate on screens in public transport and in a metro. Entrances of metro stations are already decorated with festive flags, banners and stickers.