Saint Petersburg Metro is opening all station lobbies

12 May 2020

All recently closed vestibules except for ‘Novokrestovskaya Station’ will be open for entrance and exit from May 12, 2020.

Saint Petersburg Metro will be operating in special mode until further notice (the stations are closed for entrance after 10pm). It is being noted that in accordance with the decree of the Government of the City of Saint Petersburg of May 9, 2020, №276 ‘On additional measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection’, all citizens are obliged to use personal protective equipment in public places, including retail facilities, public transport and taxi during the period from May 12 to May 31, 2020. Such measures imply obligatory face protection wearing single-use masks, reusable masks, respirators and other personal protective equipment that can ensure respiratory protection, and wearing single-use gloves to protect hands and arms.