Amethyst temple in Saint Petersburg

13 May 2020

It’s the most northern buddhist temple in the world and was built in 1909-1915. As an Amethyst temple it was known because of the red and violet color of granite.

Buddhist temple in Saint Petersburg is situated on Primorsky avenue, 91 (Staraya Derevnya metro station). It is not only the most northern temple but also keep buddhist in the North-West part of Russia.

During the Civil war Temple’s library was lost with the all achieves, which contained information about relations between Russia, England, Tibet and China during 30 years.

In the years of the Great Patriotic war in the Temple was located a powerful military radio station. It continued to be there up to 1960s.

On the 9th of June 1960 the building was given to Academy of Science due to the petition of U. Rerikh and many others orientalists. Here was also situated laboratory of Zoological Institute.

In November 1968 building of the Temple became an architectural heritage but only on the 9th of July in 1990 the Temple was given to the Central Buddhist Management in USSR.

Its Tibetan name Datsan the Temple got back after the consecration in 1991. Nowadays Datsan visit many Tibetan and western teachers, here it is possible to get to know buddhist philosophy and special sciences.