“Tsarskoye Selo” State Museum and Heritage Site launched a flash mob of museum associations on Instagram

14 May 2020

Museums-reserves "Pavlovsk", "Gatchina", "Peterhof" joined the action.

The campaign takes place on the Instagram accounts of museums. All publications are marked with the hashtag #museumassociations (#музейныеассоциации). The organizers note that thanks to this flash mob users will be able to "travel" through the accounts of museums.

"The point of the campaign is as follows: let’s start a cycle of associations, which, as you know, can be unexpected, philosophical, poetic, free, unconscious, emotional and strange," the message of the museum says.

The flashmob started with the “Dancer” by Antonio Canova, located in the Private Garden of Catherine’s Park. The Ballroom of the Grand Palace in Peterhof, Flying Mercury from Pavlovsky Park, the Goddess of Flowers and Spring Flora from the Gatchina State Concert Hall continued the associative series. All posts are marked with serial numbers.