The rare “Underwood” typewriter appeared at Brodsky Museum

22 May 2020

The exhibit is located in the House of Muruzi.

A new exhibit appeared in the Brodsky Museum. A rare typewriter from the beginning of the last century may be seen at the Muruzi House. This is reported by the museum’s Instagram page.

The early 20th century typewriter is a new exhibit in our museum. Its biography is unique: arriving in the Muruzi House «Underwood» comes from the editorial office of the oldest literary journal of Russia - the legendary "Zvezda", it is stated in the message of the museum.

As it has been emphasized, the typewriter has probably been in use since the post-war era, if not since the 1930s. Probably, both Zoschenko and Akhmatova, and all the major works printed during half a century in “Zvezda” passed through it.