"Classics in honor of the Palace Square" will be held on the air and online

22 May 2020

The alliance of traditions and high technologies, the musical show «Classics at the Palace Square» for 7 years remains the main musical event of the celebration of the Day of the City - the Day of the Foundation of Saint Petersburg.

The stars of the world opera dream to sing on this concert, tourists predict a visit to our city, and the Petersburg people cancel the most pressing business. No matter how unpredictable the weather is, «Classics at the Palace Square» invariably gathers hundreds of thousands of spectators. This year, due to a pandemic that has plunged the world into a new reality, the famous concert will not be held outside the walls of the Winter Palace - and yet it will take place. Although not at the Palace Square, but in its honor.

On May 27 at 20:00 on the air, on the website and in social networks of the channel «Saint Petersburg» (Vkontakte, Facebook and OK.ru) there will be a premiere of the video conference «Classics in honor of the Palace Square», prepared by the Creative brand Dance Open at the request of the Committee on Culture of Saint Petersburg. The popular in Russia online cinema Wink (Rostelekom) will dedicate the gala evening to the unique classic art show from Saint Petersburg.

This year the TV format has replaced open-air and offered a number of new scenario-director advantages: the audience is waiting not just for an opera festival, but for a real musical-educational performance with bright episodes of history and true St. Petersburg heroes.

The concert is filmed on a closed-door stage, but the creators of «Classics at the Palace Square» promise to keep the spectacle and brand format: We keep everything that is acceptable in the new conditions: atmospheric multimedia decorations for each room, artistic light, multiple filming of the highest quality, only live sound and live music, comments the project director Ekaterina Galanova. - Even the legendary crystal chandelier, the symbol of «Classics at the Palace», at the rise of which the Petersburg people love to watch, «will move» on the set and will please the audience».

The concert part of the project will be attended by leading vocalists of St. Petersburg and Russia: Honored Artist of Russia, People’s Artist of South Ossetia and North Ossetia-Alania Veronica Djiova (soprano), Mariinsky Theatre stars Alexey Markov (bariton), Yekaterina Sergeyeva (mezzo-soprano), Oksana Shilova (soprano), Olga Pudova (soprano), Elena Vershina (soprano), Alexander Trofimov (tenor), Julia Matochkina (mezzo-soprano) and the soloist of the Moscow Theatre «New Opera» Georgi Vasilyev.

The music program of the evening will include famous arias from operas of Verdi, Mozart, Bellini, Bize, Puccini, from operettas of Legard, Kalman, Bernstein, melodic Neapolitan serenades and even world-famous pop hits.

The educational program will consist of an easy walk through the Palace Square and a virtual trip to the most important places in St. Petersburg. In the pauses between concert rooms to reopen the beloved city, the audience will go in the company with the project’s lead artists Yevgeny Dyatlov and Karina Razovskaya. In a leisurely conversation about houses and palaces, emperors and poets, jesters and favorites of St. Petersburg, invisible threads will stretch from the Petersburg «places of power» to musical works included in the concert program. Just a moment - and from the embankment of the Moyka River we will descend directly into the ocean of Spanish passion, and from the famous House of the Book we will transfer to the pages of Leonard Bernstein’s operetta… How this Petersburg «time machine» works and why it crosses any borders and distances easily, we will know on May 27 at 20.00.

Bright warm emotion and much needed support today will be heard in the project of video congratulations for the City Day from the outstanding St. Petersburg people. The audience will see and hear Alice Freundlich, Lev Dodin, Mikhail Piotrovsky, Lev Lurje, Tamara Moskvina, Nikolay Valuev, Larisa Listova, Eugene Vodolazkin, and Maxim Leonidov. The players and legends of the football club «Zenith» will wish St. Petersburg happy birthday.