A pool will be opened in the TsoiGarden Square

28 May 2020

Pool for people with disabilities will be located in the former bomb shelter.

Saint Petersburg officials are planning to build a new pool in the Viktor Tsoi garden square this year. According to the head of the administration of the Petrogradskydistrict, Ivan Gromov, the sports facility will be fully adapted for people with disabilities.

«I think it will be a unique object for Saint Petersburg. As a result we will have a single unified space with the Viktor Tsoi garden square», the head of the district administration said in an interview with the «Peterburgsky Dnevnik» newspaper.

It is planned to upgrade the park in the near future.  This year the green zone will be ready and a small architectural form will be established here to connect this place with the figure of the musician himself. However, as the official said, this will not be a monument to Tsoi.

It should be noted that the shelter located in the park is currently noton the list of civil defense facilities. It was granted to one of the sports schools that is currently taking care of it.