Tourism in the Pskov region

28 May 2020

The Pskov region is a tourist region with ancient history, picturesque nature, archaeological treasures, and spectacular events that attract travelers from all over the world.

Travelers come here to learn the secrets of unique fortified cities, look at the religious and civil architecture of the XII-XIX centuries, see 10 churches from the UNESCO World Heritage List, admire places that inspired great composers - Mussorgsky and Rimsky-Korsakov, visit poetic Homeland of the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin. There you can make artisanal cheese, bake honey gingerbread, make souvenir felt boots (“valenki”) and try fireweed (rosebay willowherb) infusion brewed on a samovar. 

We know at least 12 reasons to visit the Pskov region!

1. Togo up the formidable towers of Pskov, Izborsk, Porkhovand imagine that you are a defender of a medieval fortress. Find out what secrets the ancient walls of Pskov keep, and why the best armies of Europe were defeated beneath them repeatedly.

2. To visit the “God-built” caves in the Pskov-Pechersky Monastery, one of the 10 most famous cloisters in Russia.

3. To see 10Pskov churches included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

4. To see a rich collection of archaeological finds.

5. To stroll along the “golden embankment” and take a walk throughinviting shady streets of old Pskov, where the medieval structuresarein harmony with the architecture of a provincial city of the XIX century.

6. To visit PushkinskieGory - the region that inspired A.S. Pushkin to write his best works, and filmmaker KlimShipenko to make the movie “Kholop” (“Serf”(2019).

7. To walk through the museum quarter of Izborsk and drink the healing water from the Slovensky mineral spring.

8. To go up in a balloon during the international meeting of aeronauts in Velikiye Luki.

9. To walk through the Europe’s largest marsh (located in PolistovskyReseve) wearing waders.

10. To take a boat to the gem of the Pskov Region - the Talab Islands and try the "royal fish".

11. To get acquainted with the traditions of Seto people, a small nation living in the Pskov region.

12. Visit Sebezh, the place that is “Heaven on Earth”, according to the Soviet and Russian theater and film actor Zinovy ​​Gerdt.

What to bring back home?

  • A couple of jars of Pskov honey
  • Artisanal cheese
  • Izborsk gingerbread
  • Pskov fruit candy (paste)
  • Mulled honey drink on spicy herbs (“Sbiten”)
  • Dried “king fish” (whitebait)
  • Pskov and Pechora ceramics

How to get there:

  • by car: from St. Petersburg - 4 hours.
  • by bus: from St. Petersburg - 5 hours 50 minutes.
  • by train: from St. Petersburg by “Lastochka” train - 3.5 hours.


Photo: A.Savin, WikiCommons