Work week ends with rain

04 June 2020

Federal State Budgetary Institution “North-West Administration for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring” reported the weather forecast for the coming days.

According to weather forecasters, on June 4, Thursday, the weather will be cloudy with clearings. At night, light rain in places, air temperature +11 ... + 13 degrees. The temperature during the day will be equal to +14 ... + 16 degrees, rain is also expected.

On June 5, Friday, cloudy weather with clearings is forecasted. Short in time rain in places at night. The air temperature at night +11 ... + 13 degrees, during the day +20 ... + 22 degrees.

On June 6, partly cloudy. Mostly rainless at night, short in time rain in the evening. Air temperature at night +10 ... + 12 degrees, during the day +21 ... + 23 degrees, in coastal areas in places up to +18 gr.