The broadcast of "Scarlet Sails" will be shown on all Central channels

16 June 2020

The celebration devoted to school graduation will be held on TV this year.

On June 27, the Russian Prom will be held for school leavers from all around the country. The final part will be the festival "Scarlet Sails". This was reported in the administration of St. Petersburg.

Channel 5 will broadcast the concert program live. And the culmination of the holiday which includes water show and the passage of the brig "Russia" across the waters of the Gulf of Finland will also be broadcast by all Central TV channels.

Along with the changing in format of the holiday (which is done to ensure the epidemiological safety of the city's residents) the route of the brig "Russia" with scarlet sails will also change. This year, the culmination - the water-pyrotechnic part-will take place not in the Neva river, but in the Gulf of Finland.

As noted, the changing in format of the event will not affect its entertainment.  The program of "Scarlet Sails" provides many surprises. Viewers will be immersed in the atmosphere of the imaginarium created by the main dreamer and romantic of Russian culture – Alexander Grin," - it is reported in the message.

This year the 140th anniversary of the birth of the author of famous story "Scarlet sails" is celebrated. Concert program will be dedicated to the works of the writer. Among the participants of the concert will be such performers as Dima Bilan, Vera Brezhneva, rapper ST, Rasa, IOWA and others who are beloved by different age groups.

The author of the script and Director of the concert part of the holiday is a world-famous Director Vasily Barkhatov. The presenters of "Scarlet Sails" will traditionally be Ivan Urgant and Daria Alexandrova.

It is emphasized that "Scarlet Sails" make a significant contribution to the growth of the tourist flow of St. Petersburg, bring fame and glory to the city on a global scale. This is the only holiday in Russia that is included in the register of world event tourism and recommended for visiting in almost 20 countries of the European Union.

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