Russians are allowed to go abroad, but it is not announced yet when the borders are opened

17 June 2020

The head of the Federal Tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova said that the Russian authorities were not going to artificially restrict citizens from going to other countries, but at the moment there is no understanding when the borders will be opened.

«Neither we (Federal Tourism Agency), nor the country's government are going to artificially restrict our citizens from going abroad», Doguzova said on Wednesday in her interview to the RBK TV channel.

«That restriction, the recommendation that is now in force, is justified at the moment solely by caring for people and... we are in touch with all our foreign colleagues ... It is not clear yet that they are ready to receive Russian tourists from July 1 or from another date», the head of the Federal Tourism Agency also said.

She also noted that those countries that are popular holiday destinations for Russians had not  announced they were ready to receive our tourists. For example, the Federal Tourism Agency has not yet received official papers telling when Turkish resorts are going to be opened from the Turkish authorities.

Besides, the head of the Federal Tourism Agency also said that we should be guided by the position of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rosportrebnadzor), which is responsible for safety and health of citizens of the Russian Federation. «As soon as Rosportrebnadzor announces  that there is no threat to Russians and countries on the other hand express their willingness to receive tourists from Russia, there will be no obstacles», summed up Zarina Doguzova.