Places suitable for swimming in the Leningrad region are listed

17 June 2020

Rospotrebnadzor called the places of the Leningrad region suitable for swimming. However, the department noted that currently it is forbidden to be on the territory of beaches in this region.

The weather in our city has been pleasing the residents of the city for a day now. Unfortunately, within the city limits, according to Rospotrebnadzor, there are no places suitable for swimming. But in many areas of the Leningrad Region, water quality complies with established standards.

On June 15, the following places were declared safe:

Volosovsky district: lake Dontso (village Dontso), river Luga (village B. Sabsk);

Kingiseppsky district: river Luga (town Kingisepp), The Gulf of Finland (village Vibye);

Kirishsky district: lake Svetloe (urban village Budogosch);

Lomonosovsky district: river Shingarka (village Nizino);

Luzhsky district: lake Omchino (town Luga);

Priozersky district: lake Otradnoe (township Plodovoe);

Slantsevsky district: river Plyssa (town Slantsi);

Tosnensky district: lake Nesterovskoe (township Shapki).

It should be noted that now swimming and relaxing on the territory of beaches in the Leningrad Region is prohibited, because the region is only at the first stage of lifting restrictions. The ban on visiting the beaches should be removed in the third stage.