Saint Petersburg is going to break a third temperature record in a row

19 June 2020

It is extremely hot for the third day in a row.

It was abnormally hot in Saint Petersburg on Wednesday, June 17, and Thursday, June 18. The air in the city on the Neva river warmed up to 27.5 degrees Celsius on the first day, which is 0.2 degrees higher than the previous record in 1905. Thermometers showed +32.05  on the second day. The previous record was also set in 1905 and was  31.3 degrees.

Today the Northern capital is going to break another temperature record. The leading specialist of the «Phobos» weather center Mikhail Leus reported about it. According to him, the city will be in a strip of atmospheric front stretched in the latitudinal direction. It is expected to be cloudy and it is likely that there will be rain and thunderstorm in the second part of the day.

The air temperature will be 28-30 degrees. At the moment the record for June 19 was set in 1905. It was 29.8 degrees.