Saint Petersburg is among top 10 cities for fathers to have rest

19 June 2020

On the occasion of upcoming Father’s Day – the 21st of June –, booking of rest accommodation service has interrogated social network users and found out the best places for fathers to have rest.

The majority of tourists noted Yalta as the best city for fathers to rest with their children this summer. The second place is taken by Karelia: 19,87 percent of fathers want their children to see the beauty of Russian North and themselves to fish and hunt in the local forests. The “Bronze” is taken by Sochi: 17,95 chose it. Besides, 11,54 percent of Russian fathers go on summer vacations to Yevpatoria with pleasure.

The other seven places are taken by Kislovodsk in Stavropol Krai (7,05 percent), Dombay and Arkhyz in Karachay-Cherkessia (5,77 percent), Dzhemete in Anapa and Saint Petersburg (both 3,85 percent), Irkutsk (3,21 percent) and Moscow (1,92 percent).

The ten best cities for fathers to have rest:

1.Yalta – 25 percent;

2.Karelia – 19,87 percent;

3.Sochi – 17,95 percent;

4.Yevpatoria – 11,54 percent;

5.Kislovodsk – 7,05 percent;

6.Dombay and Arkhyz – 5,77 percent;

7-8.Dzhemete and Saint Petersburg – 3,85 percent;

9.Irkutsk – 3,21 percent;

10.Moscow – 1,92 percent.


*According to the results of the interrogation of social network users