St. Petersburg is waiting for ecotourists

19 June 2020

Nature reserves, forests, parks, campsites and eco path treks - our city has everything for ecotourists.

According to experts, in recent years, environmental tourism has dynamically developed in Russia. It is reported that young people are increasingly abandoning their usual beach vacations and prefer to spend time in nature.

The northern capital is waiting for tourists choosing environmental travel. Nature reserves, eco path treks, forests, unique natural monuments, green parks and campsites - in our city there are dozens of places where you can share nature, observe its beauty.

As for the figures, at present 15 specially protected natural territories of regional significance are located in St. Petersburg - 8 reserves and 7 nature monuments. Each of these territories is unique, has not only well-preserved valuable natural complexes, but also has a rich history.

Also, it’s important to note that a special section on environmental tourism has been opened on our website. Here you will find detailed information about natural sites, eco-routes and links to useful resources.