Red and white lighting decorate Palace Bridge on Medical Worker's Day

19 June 2020

The action is carried out in gratitude to the health workers for their dedication.

On the Day of the Medical Worker, June 21, the Palace Bridge and one of the oldest hospitals in St. Petersburg - Mariinsky - will be decorated in a special way.

The objects will be highlighted in red and white in gratitude for the dedicated work of doctors.

The artistic illumination of the Palace Bridge will turn on at 11 p.m. and will function in two modes. In one of the modes, the lighting of the crossing will delight the townspeople with red and white tints. The second mode involves a pulsating dotted red backlight, creating an association with a heartbeat, against a background of white static backlighting.

The facade of the medical facility will be highlighted statically in red and white at 10p.m.. For this, 18 powerful mobile floodlights of architectural lighting will be involved.