Beaches of the Resort district opened for visitors

22 June 2020

Last Friday, a special Commission checked the beaches of the Resort district of St. Petersburg.

Beaches of the Resort district opened for visitors

As a result, the Commission decided that swimming on the beaches is not recommended. However, according to experts, these sandy areas are landscaped, cleaned and safe for recreation and for doing sports.

Recall that the waters of the Gulf of Finland and Sestroretsky Razliv Lake have 14 city beaches with a total area of 90 hectares. It is reported that before the summer season starts, 321 trash cans, 198 benches, 48 changing booths, 40 umbrellas, 15 children's play complexes, 55 boards with lifebuoys were installed on the beaches.

Note that after the removal of restrictive measures, additional bicycle parking, three drinking fountains and four showers will be installed on the Laskovy beach.