On June 24, trams of the war years will pass through the center of St. Petersburg

23 June 2020

The Victory Tram parade will take place as part of the cable of life, an interregional art event dedicated to the Year of Memory and Glory.

The main semantic core of the anniversary action was a mute witness to historical events - a fragment of an electric cable from the bottom of Lake Ladoga. It unites modern St. Petersburg, Volkhov, Kobon and Novaya Ladoga around the history of the breakthrough of the energy blockade of Leningrad. In St. Petersburg, this topic is revealed through the work of the tram and the history of the “Blockade Substation” on the Fontanka (now it is run by the Big St. Petersburg State Circus).

Thanks to the breakthrough of the energy blockade, it was possible to expand the tram network. Prior to this, to resume the tram traffic on April 15, 1942, Leningrad had to cope on its own. From April to June42, seven routes earned successively. Three more managed to be launched in November - after electricity came from the Volkhov hydroelectric power station to the besieged city, using the very “Cable of Life” laid along the bottom of Lake Ladoga.

The Victory Tram parade, organized by Gorelektrotrans with the support of the Transport Committee, will remind you of energy, electric and human, which did not let Leningrad die and brought Victory Day closer. On June 24, a tram convoy consisting of historic MS, LM-33 wagons and a freight tram will drive along Engineer Street to the Blockade Substation on Fontanka. Nearby, at Belinskogo Square, at that time, a street exhibition “On the Roads of the Frontline Circus” will unfold, which will show that art in the war not only did not die, but gave life and happiness. By the way, one of the siege tram routes ran past the Red Army House on Volodarsky prospect. (now Liteiny prospect.), during which the Leningrad Front Red Army Circus was organized in those years.