Musicians of the Andreevsky Orchestra present the karaoke program "War songs - we sing all together!"

23 June 2020

The song of the war years, along with the Russian army from the first days of the war, walked along dusty and smoky roads to a victorious end.  It helped the people to survive and win.  Years passed, the country has healed war wounds, but the songs of the war years are heard today, shaking the hearts.

June 24, the day of the 75th anniversary of the Victory Parade, in the virtual concert hall of the State Academic Russian Orchestra named after  V.V. Andreev will host the broadcast of the karaoke program "War songs - we sing all together!".  This was reported in the committee on culture.

The chamber staff performed by Sergey Fedoseenko will play familiar songs: Katyusha, Blue Scarf, In the Dugout, Evening Song, In the Frontline Forest, etc.