Leningrad Region - is in the top ten places for fishing in Russia

25 June 2020

On World Fisheries Day, June 27, the Russian holiday accommodation reservation service Tvil.ru interviewed social media users and revealed where the best fishing places are in Russia.

Most Russians (30.51% each) prefer to fish in Karelia and the Astrakhan region. In third place is Crimea: 18.64% of tourists are happy to catch seafood there.

According to a survey about the best places for fishing, tourists noted Krasnodar Territory (5.93%), Volgograd Region (3.39%), as well as Leningrad, Moscow, Rostov and Tver Regions (2.54% each). Social networks users called the worst places for fishing in the Irkutsk region - 0.85% of the vote.

Ten of the best fishing spots in Russia:

1-2. Karelia and Astrakhan region, 30.51% *

3. Crimea, 18.64%

4. Krasnodar regoin, 5.93%

5. Volgograd region, 3.39%)

6-7-8-9. Leningrad, Moscow, Rostov and Tver regions, 2.54%

10. Irkutsk region, 0.85%


* According to a survey of social networks