Art photographer captures the sights of St. Petersburg

26 June 2020

Arsen Revazov, a well-known art photographer specializing in working with widescreen analog cameras, creates in the Northern capital of Russia from June 25 to 29. Photographing is supported by the Committee of Tourism Development of St. Petersburg.

The master will remove not only the classic locations of the city on the Neva River, known to the whole world, such as St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Tsarskoye Selo Museum-Reserve, but also demonstrate the versatility of the city. Arsen Revazov uses infrared photography and uses platinum photo printing methods. Thanks to this, it is possible to create images of unique quality.

Photographs will be further used at photo exhibitions, as well as for promoting St. Petersburg in international tourism markets. Attracting eminent photographers, the Committee of Tourism Development of St. Petersburg is actively promoting and increasing the recognition of the Northern capital at the international level.

Recall, Arsen Revazov was born in Moscow, December 12, 1966. Subsequently, he emigrated to Israel, where he lived for several years, before returning back to Moscow. He became interested in photography at school. Arsen Revazov's works were exhibited at various art galleries and other art spaces in countries such as Russia, Italy and the United Kingdom.