Torgovyi bridge repaired

29 June 2020

Overhaul of the Torgovyi Bridge, thrown across the Kryukov Canal in the alignment of the Soyuza Pechatnikov Street, has completed. This ferry, together with its neighbor - the Decembrists' Bridge - and the main stage of the Mariinskiy Theater, create a unique ensemble of the theater center of St. Petersburg.

The need to repair the crossing was due to its unsatisfactory condition, according to the Committee of the Development of Transport Infrastructure of St. Petersburg. The last time overhaul of the Torgovyi Bridge was carried out 60 years ago in 1960.

Various defects were revealed on the bridge, such as: destruction of the protective layer and corrosion of the reinforcement of the span plate, corrosion of the supporting parts, supporting sections of the main and transverse beams, and others.

As part of the overhaul, a monolithic reinforced concrete slab was installed on an existing metal span and the supporting parts were replaced. In addition, granite crossing elements were restored and a new granite parapet fence was constructed.

The specialists cleaned and painted the metal elements, restored the railing and laid new asphalt concrete pavement of the roadway. Floor lamps and illuminators were restored in the workshop.


The bridge was built in 1782-1785, during the construction of the granite embankment of the Kryukov Canal. This ferry is one of six bridges of the same type across the Kryukov Canal. But only two retained their historical appearance – Torgovyi and Matveev. Until 1810, the bridge had an average lifting span.