A Well-Known Art Photographer Arsen Revazov Explained His Love for St. Petersburg

29 June 2020

From June 25 to 29, Arsen Revazov, a well-known art photographer specialising in the work with large-format analog cameras, has been taking photographs in the Northern capital. The photographing is supported by the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development.

The day before, we talked with Arsen Revazov and asked the photographer what St. Petersburg has impressed him with. “I have seen many dignified cities in Europe, America, Asia, and St. Petersburg, from my point of view, is the most beautiful city. Of course, the camera lens fully reflects this reality, nowhere else can I take so many stunning photos,” the famous photographer said.

He also addressed all tourists and recommended that everyone visit the Northern capital: “If you like travelling and travels make up a large part of your life, and you haven’t been to the most beautiful place on Earth - St. Petersburg, then your life has passed in vain.”

“For me, the Northern capital is an absolutely incredible fusion of architectural and interior beauties, stunning stories that lie behind all this. The history of Russian culture, the history of Russian poetry, the history of Russian revolutionary coups d'état. For me, St. Petersburg is precisely a fusion of external events and internal processes that took place here,” Revazov shared his impressions. “St. Petersburg is such a part of our country, without which it is simply impossible to imagine Russia,” the art photographer concluded.

Let us remind you that during the last five days Arsen Revazov worked in St. Petersburg and took pictures of the sights of the city. The photographing is supported by the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development. The photographs will be further used at photo exhibitions, as well as for promoting St. Petersburg in international tourism markets. Attracting famous photographers, the Committee is actively promoting and increasing the recognisability of the Northern capital at the international level.