Peterhof parks await visitors to return

03 July 2020

Peterhof is open, however, there are some restrictions for guests of the museum.

Today, the State Museum-Reserve Peterhof reopened for visitors. Currently are available for visitors: Lower Park with fountains, Oranienbaum Park and Alexandria Park. All of them will work daily from 10:00 to 19:00, entrance stops 45 minutes before the closure of the parks. The same schedule is for the fountains of the Lower Park. Additionally, the Upper Garden is now closed for a large-scale restoration.

Note that tickets to the park can be purchased only online on the official website of the Museum-Reserve. Also, everyone can book a tour of the Lower Park. “Excursion services are provided for a group of up to 5 people inclusive if there are entrance (electronic) tickets to the Lower Park,” according to the museum’s message. In addition, each visitor should have a protective face mask.


Photo by Mikhail Lagotsky