What is opened in Saint Petersburg

03 July 2020

In the city on the river Neva step by step the life goes on after much of pandemic restrictions.

Since 5 June in the north capital of Russia is possible again to visit churches and cathedrals but accepting new safety rules such as holding a distance, being with masks and gloves. The objects proceed desinfection regularly. 

Since 28 June is possible to visit parks and squares, children's playgrounds and sportgrounds.

Since 29 June is now allowed again enjoying time in cafes with terraces. Tables must be located in 1,5 meters from each other, the staff wears masks and gloves. But no more that 10 persons together are allowed being at the same time. After each session a cafe provides desinfection of the area.

Since this time are already opened manicure salons.

Open soon

Since 6 July are opened swimming pools and fitness-clubs (excluding those, which are situated in shopping centers). In each fitness center there must be 4 meters for each person and in pools no more than 1 person per 10sq.meters.

It is expected that since 12 July the lockdown and all restriction will be ended and will be back to work shopping centers, theatres, restaurants, cafes and buffets.


Since 2 July in a test-regime is opened arboterum-park Botanical garden (Prof.Popov street, 2). Tickets are available in a ticket-office.
29 June started to work Leningrad's zoo (Aleksandrovsky park,1).To visit animals please keep the maska and gloves.

28 June is back to work Central Park named after Kirov, but only partly. Not all of services are available now for guests - museum of glass, glassblowing workshop, creative area, exibition halls are still closed.

Since 28 June is opened natural park in Pavlovsk and since 2 July natural park in Gatchina.

Available for having a walk

Yussupov garden

Ismailovsky garden
Taurida garden
Park Babushkina
New Holland island
Primorsky Victory park
Moskovsky Victory park
300-years Saint Petersburg's park
Lower Park in Peterhof
Alexandria park in Peterhof
Oranienbaum in Peterhof
Catherine'park in Pushkin
Alekxander's park

Still closed:
Zayachiy island (till 6 July)
Summer garden (till 15 July)
Mikhailovsky garden (till 8 July)
Upper garden in Peterhof