"New Holland" has opened a second entrance to the island

06 July 2020

Getting to the island has become easier. Shortly before, an additional entrance was opened for visitors. It will help to reduce queues.

“Dear friends, we have opened a second entrance to the island! Now you can get into the park through the bridge, closest one to the Truda Square”, announces the official page of the Island. Also, for the convenience of visitors, an additional bicycle parking was installed near the new entrance. Additionally, the main entrance to the island from the side of the Bottle House also remains open.

The "New Holland" became back available to visitors on June 29, but currently there are some restrictions on the island. For example, all the buildings located here are still closed. Cafes and restaurants operate as summer terraces and takeaway. A full list of time restrictions can be found on the official website of the “New Holland”. ⁣