Ships are starting to arrive to Kronstadt for the Main Naval Parade

06 July 2020

Main Naval Parade is held on July 26, combat and anti-terror vessels have already arrived in St. Petersburg.

On the last Sunday of July, the Navy Day is celebrated in Russia; the same day, the Main Naval Parade is traditionally held in St. Petersburg. The city is gradually starting to prepare for this grand holiday, and the first warships have already arrived to the Northern capital to participate in the solemn naval parade.

The fast attack guided missile craft of the Caspian fleet project 21631 “Veliky Ustyug” and the corvette of the Baltic Fleet project 20380 “Stoyky” are already in Kronstadt. A detachment of anti-terror vessels of the Northern Fleet, consisting of boats “Yunarmeyets Zapolyar'ya”, “Yunarmeyets Pomor'ya”, “Valery Fedyanin”, has arrived to the city as well.

Besides, a diesel-electric submarine project 677 “Sankt-Peterburg” and anti-terror vessels of the Caspian fleet “Yunarmeyets Dagestana” and “Yunarmeyets Tatarstana” have already entered the Northern capital, “Peterburgskiy dnevnik” reports.

It should be noted that in total, 46 ships and submarines, 42 aircraft and more than four thousand troops are taking part in the Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt.