Food trucks will be allowed in St. Petersburg

07 July 2020

The city government is confident that this will expand the market for socially important products, as well as support small and medium-sized businesses.

The list of non-stationary shopping facilities such as pavilions, kiosks, trucks will be supplemented with mechanical vehicles specially equipped for catering. That is called food trucks.

This was decided yesterday at a working meeting of the Governor Alexander Beglov with members of the city government.

"This will expand the market for socially important products. One important condition is that the producers themselves will sell it. This should reduce prices. These measures will help producers and our small and medium - sized businesses to sell their products in a difficult period for the economy. Many residents of St. Petersburg will get jobs." - Alexander Beglov said.

The resolution "on the procedure for placing non-stationary commercial objects" will soon be amended.