A new park, dedicated to the Navy Day will be opened in Kronstadt

08 July 2020

On the Navy day will be opened a new park for children and adults in Kronstadt on the Kotlin island. In this park there will be held large entertaining, educational events and events for improving health conditions. Everyone will find for himself something intersting and attractive.

In the official group of Kronstadt in social nets it is said "In the atmospehe of museum - historical park "Island of forts" visitors could learn about deeds of russian army and geographical discoveries of russian seamen during the 300 years of russian marine history. The park is a place to relax for Kronstadt citizens and its guests. Everyone will find for himself interesting activities".

The park will be opened for guests on the 26th of July.This project "Island of forts" was realized onthe instuction of the President of Russian Federation. Soon there will also appeare beautiful embankment, museum 's complex and exhibition center and some more objects.